Energy Network

A peer-to-peer protocol for sharing, buying and selling energy.


Permissionless Network

P2P Energy Sharing

Decentralized Energy Network

Protocol & Specifications

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The network is fully trustless and permissionless, where anybody can join or leave it at their will. Avoid trusted third parties and their corresponding extra fees.

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P2P Protocol

A peer-to-peer protocol running on the Binance Smart Chain network, blockchain agnostic in case of necessary network migration.

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Utility Token

ENRG is a utility token from the protocol. It allows users to participate on the energy sharing network.

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Sell Energy, Earn Tokens

You can either earn tokens by contributing with energy on the network, or buy energy using tokens.

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100,000,000 ENRG
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Clean Tech
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Low Fees
Strategy and Development


Q3 2021

Core Team Formation

Q4 2021

Development & deployment of ENRG tokens

Q4 2021

Liquidity Pool Creation

Q4 2021

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listings

Q1 2022

Renewable Energy Grants

Q2 2022

Global Expansion & Infrastructure Strategy Kickoff

Q2 2022

Business Development in Third World Countries

Q2 2022

Exchange Listings


Partners And Investors

As a fastest growing organisation with the best team of professionals focused on enabling this peer-to-peer distributed energy network, and marketing the project. Energy Network (ENRG) is all about renewable infrastructures and global collaboration. We have created an ecosystem that adds real world value. We loof for investors committed with clean tech. Thus, investors must be our partners, locally in Hong Kong or at an international level. It is all about providing real value powered by experts.